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Overwhelmed by stacks of paper in your office with no way out?

In 2023 try Forms Live - a completely paperless solution for Victorian real estate professionals to simplify their documents workflow.

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We understand that buying or selling a property is a daunting task for most of the population and a difficult document process only slows things down and increases transaction complexity.

Eliminate paper and save time with Forms Live, the premier choice for document management application for Victorian real estate professionals.

That’s why we created Forms Live - an intuitive, easy to use interface that helps make real estate transactions completely painless.

With Forms Live, you can upload documents from your office and have them available to use in the field in minutes. Eliminating paper from the equation helps reduce transaction costs and saves time.

save money & free up your time in 2023

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transforming how Victorian Real Estate

create, manage & share forms

Expertly created forms made simple! Form Live is a software that helps real estate agents, property managers and other real estate professionals get their documents done in a fraction of time. With no more download, email and re-entering data; users simply type in the needed information right into the form, sign and send.

  • info request

    With Info Request, you can send draft forms to recipients for them to complete fields on your behalf. Once the client has entered the required information, the form will be updated on Forms Live.

  • two-factor authentication

    On our ongoing mission to further strengthen our systems, we’ve introduced Two-Factor Authentication to Forms Live! We have implementecd this process to help safeguard and protect your persoanl data and information.

  • pdf completion

    Attach documents and Contracts of Sale to forms to have them stored within the platform, then go a step further by adding interactive text fields, checkboxes, and signature fields, fields that can be handled directly by you within Forms Live.

Start 2023 with a bang!

Accelerate sales, reduce costs and improve productivity while working smarter and moving the needle further in your business, so you can focus on what you do best - closing deals!

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Victorian real estate's best digital forms

Forms Live is the best real estate software for up-to-date Victorian real estate legislation changes, reducing your legal risk. Spend your valuable time strategising on how to accelerate sales, reduce costs and improve productivity while working smarter and moving the needle further in your business, so you can focus on what you do best - closing deals!

Updated digital contracts

With Forms Live, the contracts inside our platform are monitored by the legal team at Victorian legal powerhouse Collins Biggers & Paisley. The system automatically replaces old contracts and will alert you letting you know about the updates minimising your legal risk.

Secure documentation

When a digital form or contract for a Victorian client is in draft, changes can be made as required. Once the form is finalised, the document is locked as a secure PDF ready for signing with DocuSign, reducing the likelihood of an incorrect version being used and protecting against fraud.

Track interactions

Each time someone uses a real estate agent form or contract, a digital time stamp is recorded. These digital logs can be provided as evidence when needed to prove that a document was signed, that the correct version was used, and that a contract was both sent and received.

Easier to manage

Digital forms located in the cloud means searching and finding documentation is super easy. Finding client related documents with a simple search - reducing the time it takes to pull information together. Save time and money whilst demonstrating compliance.
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Don’t be late to
the party in 2023!

Step into a world of pure imagination with all of Forms Live’s forms and features, sign up to receive a 10-day free trial of the platform!