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Say Goodbye data entry.And Hello to our One Click Wonder.

Take the pain and repetitive data entry out of connecting renters with utilities and allow them to connect with services they need for their big move with ease!

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Utility Connections

Faster & easier to sign up to utility services

The providers available on the platform offer assistance with a range of utilities, be it electrical connections, or even moving, water, and Internet services - renters who aren’t interested are free to pass on the offer. Forms Live Utility Connections Service allows property managers to continue to connect to their favourite utility provider. Forms Live is integrated with:

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Connections that increase referral revenue

Helping property managers go the extra mile for their clients.


The feature has replaced the tedious process of having to transcribe data into a new form and turned it into a one-click option property managers can send to renters. The higher click-through and conversion rates show that utility connections can now become a significant revenue stream for agencies.

"The new process is so simple, it makes it easy to earn new revenue while also offering an improved service. It even opens up the option of making it available to new buyers when they move in."

David Howell, CEO, Dynamic Methods.
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The new workflow provides renters with the option to connect utility services directly after the rental agreement has been signed via DocuSign - It will then be immediately followed up with an offer from the connected provider. This ensures data from the the agreement is prepopulated – all property managers need to do is encourage their renters to sign!

"Since introducing this new upgrade, we have seen up to an 80% click-through rate by renters to sign the form and connect their utilities via the service recommended by the property manager"

David Howell, CEO, Dynamic Methods.
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Utility Connections in Forms Live makes connecting to a utility provider easier than ever before. Simply navigate to the Connections tab in the sidebar, where you will uncover all the service providers available to renters, assisting in providing gas, moving - and electrical services. To make a connection, click ‘connect’ next to the desired provider and follow the prompts in the dialogue. On completion, agreements can be sent, and renters will be free to connect to that provider.

"The manual handling and need to constantly re-enter data has been a turn off for many property managers who simply haven’t had the time in the past to chase the additional admin that offers utility services created."

David Howell, CEO, Dynamic Methods.
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Utilities. Connect. Sorted.

Earn More with Partner Connections.

Forms Live utility connections takes the pain out of connecting tenants to services such as electricity, gas and internet with a simple click in the residential tenancy agreement Vic form. All while earning your Victoria real estate agency additional revenue. Bonus!

Buxton Victorian real estate agency

“Forms Live is comprehensive and has improved both our efficiency and accuracy. The Platform is user-friendly, offers an extensive range of forms, and the support is excellent.”

Rae Tolley at Head of Property Management, Buxton Stonnington
Rae Tolley
Head of Property Management
Buxton Stonnington
Sovereign properties Victorian real estate agency

“Forms Live is very efficient and an absolute time-saver, even with people remaining in their own homes and work environments we can still do business!”

Jonathan Walker, Director at Sovereign Properties
Jonathan Walker
Sovereign Properties


More conversions. More revenue. Less data entry.

Our utilities feature enables real estate agencies to nominate their default utility provider so that all renters are offered utility connections in the process of signing a rental agreement.

The new workflow provides renters with the option to connect utility services immediately after the rental agreement has been executed via DocuSign. This ensures data from the agreement is prepopulated – all property managers need to do is encourage their renters to sign.

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You were asking?

Here are some questions you may be asking about the Utility Connections feature. If you have further question, however, we'd love to hear from you.

How does the renter receive the offer from the provider?

Once a utility provider is connected within Forms Live, the Residential Rental Agreement is sent and signed by the renter, then it will be immediately followed up with an offer from the provider connected.

Don't renters prefer to sort out their own utilities?

We currently have an 80% click-through rate, demonstrating that renters love the convenience of being offered a service provider to make their moving day hassle-free.

Happy renters make great renters, but what's in it for me?

We understand that time is money. For a quicker process, the rental agreement is signed by the renter using DocuSign, which is instantly followed by an offer of services from the provider the manager connected with - the property manager is also paid a fee for making a successful connection between the renter and provider.

Do I need to connect with utility providers for every rental agreement?

This feature is completely optional, renters are free to pass on the offer and if you feel like you are not getting use out of it you can disconnect at any time and no services will be offered to the renter at all.