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Dexter PrackDirector & Senior AuctioneerHarcourts Judd White, Waverley

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Meet One of Our Paperless Pioneers

Leanne Demetrius, Client Services at Ristic, shares how Forms Live transformed her workflow - from its user-friendly navigation to automatic compliant form updates, Forms Live truly is the ultimate cost-effecitve digital solution.

It was very easy to learn how to use Forms Live! They've got a very easy to navigate system and a good knowledge base with a lot of tutorial videos. As well as phone support and email support - the videos provide real examples of how to implement and edit the forms, as well as all the little tricks you can do.

Leanne Demetrius
Client Services, Ristic

Video Testimonials

Carla Balfe

Property Investment Manager

As a regional Property Investment Manager at LJ Hooker Broadford & Kilmore, Carla Balfe knows the importance of connectivity. With Forms Live, she finalises leases in 3 minutes, without the commute.

Morag Atwell

Senior Property Manager

We hear from Morag Atwell, Senior Property Manager at Inveslink on how Forms Live’s always compliant forms saves her time, especially with changes to regulations that directly impact her business.

Allison Andrews

Senior Property Manager

Allison Andrews, Senior Property Manafer at Nutrien Harcourts, appreciates how easy Forms Live is to use, especially when scaling your business from the efficient templates to plug-and-play updated compliant forms.

Leanne Demetrius

Client Services

Leanne Demetrius, Client Services at Ristic, shares how Forms Live transformed her workflow - from its user-friendly navigation to automatic compliant form updates, Forms Live truly is the ultimate cost-effecitve digital solution.

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Meet Our Paperless Pioneers

See how Forms Live can help your Victorian real estate agency save time and money by having all your documents stored and signed in one place. See how top Victorian real estate agencies took their business to the next level.

  • Cathrine Batto

    Senior Property & Finance Manager, Care Property Agents

    We found out about Forms Live through its connection with Property Tree and we’ve been so happy with their Lease Agreement and Disclosure Statement in particular - it’s easier for us as agents to have Forms Live because we know the forms being used are always up-to-date and reflect changing legislation.

  • Tony Le

    Managing Director, Leyton Real Estate

    My team are so happy with the forms on Forms Live - it's so flexible and always evolving. Any feedback I've noted on my Forms Live wish list are actually taken on board by the support team. I've delt with other platforms in the past that promise they'll take my feedback on board yet twelve months later it's all the same.

  • Courtney Thursfield

    Director, JPP Property Management

    We were recommended Forms Live through MyConnect and now use it for all our documents - Authorities, Leases, Disclosure Statements, all of it! Since everything is eSigned these days, Forms Live's DocuSign integration has been a great feature that we've gotten a lot of use out of.

  • Jonathan Walker

    Director, Sovereign Properties

    Forms Live is very efficient and an absolute time-saver, even with people remaining in their own homes and work environments we can still do business!

  • Rae Tolley

    Head of Property Management, Buxton Stonnington

    Forms Live is comprehensive and has improved both our efficiency and accuracy. The Platform is user-friendly, offers an extensive range of forms, and the support is excellent.

  • Ross Vorrias

    Director, OBrien Real Estate

    There are so many features we love in Forms Live, templates for one, the DocuSign integration which is fantastic as well. It has just saved us so much time. Forms Live is such a time-saver, now, we don't even need to arrange meetings to sign contracts.

  • Carmel Cooper

    Licensed Estate Agent, Open Doors Real Estate

    Using other form sites meant that I would have to fill and send my authority through their platform and then any additional forms through another system. Forms Live makes starting and completing a form super easy with all their integrations including Agentbox, Realty Assist and Securexchange. Forms Live forms are easy to complete and are updated when necessary to ensure compliance.

  • Allison Andrews

    Senior Property Manager, Nutrien Harcourts

    Forms Live is pretty easy to use, we've used a few other platforms, but they tend to be a bit clunky - and now that we have more offices, Forms Live actually allows us to set up templates for each office which makes it so much easier for our property managers, having things pre-filled and done in a couple of minutes.

  • Dexter Prack

    Director & Senior Auctioneer, Harcourts Judd White, Waverley

    Training on Forms Live was simple, easy and didn’t take more than 30 minutes. Some technologies are challenging to implement. We’ve had some technology needing between six to 12 months to integrate into our business because of the complexity. Forms Live was also a big change - but it’s easy to use - so it didn’t take long.

  • Leanne Demetrius

    Client Services, Ristic

    I've never had a situation where l've called Forms Live's support team and they haven't been able to assist me on the spot. It's been great, the fact that there is a phone number you can call and actually talk to someone is fantastic, as opposed to submitting a request and waiting!

  • Carla Balfe

    Property Investment Manager, LJ Hooker - Broadford | Kilmore

    We're in the country so getting to any property is quite the drive, in that regard Forms Live is great, it just makes everything so much easier...and quicker - I've had leases done in 3 minutes! It's easy to navigate, find your way around, and what you need is always there - they've got every form, it's just a matter of finding it, clicking it, and off you go!

  • Morag Atwell

    Senior Property Manager, Investlink

    In Victoria, regulations are changing all the time, and it's such a time-consuming process - for example, the March before last's changes to the Residential Tenancies Act - it would have taken me weeks to change all my paperwork, that's the reason I went with Forms Live, because I know changes are made as it happens!

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