Make 2023 the year of self-care!

We're making this year the year of self-care, and what better place to start than in the office? We don't mean facials and massages, we want to assist you in finding the right tools and refining your processes.

Make 2023 the year of self-care!

After two tough years, 2023 should be all about self-care and taking steps to make life easier, healthier and balanced.  

Self-care isn’t just facials and massages. It can be anything that makes your life more manageable. At work, this can translate into taking steps to reduce the ever-growing workload, streamlining workflows to get time back, or mitigating stressful situations.

So take a deep breath and let's get mindful about ways we can reduce anxiety.

Reduce the time you spend chasing signatures

Turning around contracts quickly is vitally important in real estate. The sooner a rental agreement or contract of sale is signed, the faster the deal gets done and everyone gets paid. So make it as easy as possible for your clients - and yourself - by using digital signatures.

DocuSign is one of the most powerful integrations inside Forms Live. Subscribers report  forms being signed and returned within minutes, up to an average of 12 hours. Compare that to your current signature turnaround and imagine all the spare time you’ll have when you don’t have to worry about signatures in limbo or playing phone-tag with clients. You’ll have more than enough time to exercise in the morning, meditate in the afternoon, and sneak in a few pages of your favourite book before bed.

Become accurate without the agony

Filling in forms and contracts can be stressful - usually because you don’t have all the information you need on hand, and the back and forth to collect it all can take forever. Add to that the occasional typo or spelling mistake, or people filling in the wrong sections and it’s no wonder there are days you just want to hit your head against the desk in frustration.

Reduce the stress. Forms Live will auto-populate fields in your forms and contracts directly from your CRM reducing the amount of typing required, and ensuring content accuracy. Plus it has a host of templates with the ability to add your own appendixes or edit conditions, and the ability for your clients to provide additional information and help you fill in the form to completion.

With information like addresses, contact details, payment details being auto-populated, you’ll be able to reduce your admin time by around 70%.

Stop worrying and rest easy

If changing legislation and anxiety about missing details that could cause legal action for your team is keeping you awake at night, you can forget the sleepytime tea because we know just the thing to take the edge off. With Forms Live, you’ll have access to 50+ digitally compliant property forms across sales, property management, and general real estate business - drafted by leading property lawyers.

Our team takes compliance extremely seriously and works with CBP to keep up with legislative changes and update our forms immediately when any changes are needed. You’ll receive an alert from us whenever this happens and draft forms as well as templates will be changed automatically. No more worrying about editing and deleting out-of-date and non-compliant forms. so you can rest easy.

Feel safe

Let’s face it, real estate and property management have some inherently risky elements. You’re creating contracts and exchanging large sums of money, incidents of cybercrime and fraud have increased 25% since 2021 according to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission's Scamwatch.

That’s certainly enough to keep an agent or manager up at night.

If you’re using old-school tools like email to request money and send authorisations, it’s a case of when you’ll be hit by a cyber incident, not when. That’s why Forms Live partners with SecureXchange, an integration that helps you request and receive funds as securely as possible, all while keeping the exchange of money and the form process encrypted.

Want to feel even safer? You can also reduce the risk of data breaches and unauthorised access to your account by adding Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). That will make completing and signing forms as secure as possible, requiring a unique second password generated by your preferred authentication app.

Avoid paper cuts, offer better service!

With contracts and forms being completed digitally, with the assistance of the data held within your CRM, there’s no longer any need to waste ink, print, and file paperwork into filing cabinets.

The majority of well-known CRMs designed for sales and property management integrate with Forms Live including PropertyMe, ConsoleCloud, AgentBox, PropertyTree, VaultRE and many more.

You can also use this time to offer a better service to renters by helping them make their big move less stressful. We offer connections to utility providers that allow you to support renters by having utilities integrated into your agreements signature processes. Once the client has signed, they’ll be shown an offer of utility services from your selected providers and given options to accept or decline.

So with forms, compliance, and signatures all streamlined, as well as our toolbox on hand, you’ll have the time and the freedom to look after yourself in 2023.

Are you ready to stress less?