Proptech is becoming the new normal, so what does that mean for you?

As proptech becomes the new normal for the Australian property industry, is it time Victorians step away from the traditional by embracing Forms Live’s form technology?

Proptech is becoming the new normal, so what does that mean for you?

Across Australia various agencies in various states are utilising our technology, early adopters who paved the way nationally for the digital era of real estate forms and contracts.

It is time Victorians lift their game and level up from the traditional by embracing technology in the property industry. Forms Live has been tried, tested, and loved by real estate agencies across Victoria, don’t you think it is about time you join the winner’s circle?

Let us delve into what makes Forms Live the platform for winners…

1. Cut admin time with CRMs

Proptech is becoming the new normal across Australia, this technology is set on making work for agents and managers streamlined and more efficient. Among this technology, Forms Live welcomes integrations with most major CRMs - Namely PropertyMe, MRI Property Tree, Agentbox, Console Cloud, Reapit, and even more!

With CRMs connected, admin time on forms can be reduced by 70% as the connection empowers the CRM to push information stored inside into the fields of the forms generated with Forms Live. Names, contact details, addresses, as well as rent amounts and due dates, filled out in seconds.

The added benefit of Forms Live’s inbuilt DocuSign integration means agents and managers connected with CRMs can have forms sent and signed all without having to leave the comfort of their preferred CRM platform.

2. Ensure a faster turnaround with electronic signing

Electronic signatures are a true level up from wet signatures, saving agents and managers countless hours on sending and signing. Where traditional signatures consist of printing, signing, scanning, emailing, and so on, electronic signatures are a simple ‘send’ away from a job done - Forms Live has seen the signing process completed within 24 hours, if not mere minutes.

There is no denying we are in the digital age where phones and smart tablets are essentially glued to our hands. The ability to sign anywhere and anytime from these devices has seen the turnaround time on signatures drop dramatically.

Two options are available for electronic signing on Forms Live. Sign on screen, ideal for those who invite clients to their offices to sign in-person and remote sign with DocuSign (Which is inbuilt and free-to-use), with which forms can be sent and signed electronically.

3. Erase paperwork piles with templates

Streamlined and efficient are the two words Forms Live want to establish within agencies across Australia, and what’s more streamlined and efficient than generating a pre-filled form from a template.

Do you always find yourself wasting time and filling out the same forms with the same information over and over again? Well if that’s your problem, templates are the solution. Templates can hold not only information for fields, such as address details and contact information, they can also include annexures and attached documents.

Make paperwork piles a thing of the past by generating forms with completed fields, attached PDFs, and annexures ready to go.

4. Trust in complete compliance

The magical word for all real estate forms, and thanks to our partnership with leading Victorian property lawyers, Forms Live has you covered. Form updates are automatic, so when there is a legislation change or amendments property managers and real estate agents are protected from using out of date forms that may expose them to legal risk.

So you can now rest easy knowing that if legislation or regulations change, your digital forms will be immediately updated to reflect the new rules and obligations without you having to do anything.

5. Follow the digital Paper Trail

Each time someone opens a digital form or contract, an electronic record is captured identifying the date and time that the activity took place. This creates a digital history of the document that can be called upon at any time. No need for fancy automation software to zap you from app to the next.

Need to know the status of a contract? Get full history and tracking on every form created within the platform. No more chasing down who sent what and when, it’s all available to view anytime. It’s not magic, it’s logic. Forms are stored as records under the names and address details of clients, so you can manage which forms have been signed and view a full history of all the previous interactions with the form.  

6. Manage paperwork in a centralised command centre

Forms Live is a convenient digital filing cabinet, granting you access to a world of information. While PDFs may have been the go-to in a time gone by, there’s a new and improved portable document format in town.

Instead of meticulously attaching PDFs to documents, making it impossible to keep track of the form, along with inconvenient file size limitations, Forms Live solves these concerns by ensuring annexures and file attachments are added to forms as a single document. Now, all of your documentation can be found in one central place, enabling history and status updates to be tracked, removing any file size restrictions if emailed.

7. Adopt the ultimate workflow

The submission of a form, or the receipt of a signed contract is not just a signal to a human that something has been done – it can also be a digital trigger that can set off a whole new workflow. When the dreaded paperwork tasks roll around, this necessary evil will become smoother and dare we say, actually enjoyable, resulting in a sense of amazement at how quick and painless the process has now become.

By adopting a digital form workflow, you’ll open up a new world of time and money saving automations. The quicker your forms and contracts are filled in, the quicker your clients are moving in or out of their new home, and the fewer balls that are dropped in the process. This means stress is reduced all-round creating very happy clients!

If you’re ready to take your real estate business to the next level, it’s time to go paperless with Forms Live - And to help you make 2023 your best year yet, we’ve put together a special offer for the REB community.

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However, if you’re struggling to take your eyes off the finish line so you can celebrate the festivities, simply pop your details in here and we’ll hold your deal into 2023.

A new year, a new workflow!