Find the signing style fit for you on Forms Live!

Forms Live has a few different paths you can take once you start signing - which category do you fall into? The Sociable? The Improvisers? Or The Lone Wolves?

Find the signing style fit for you on Forms Live!

Introducing…The Forms Live Enneagram of Signing Types!

Every agency has different workflow preferences and every client requires tailored solutions in order to close deals - which is why we made Forms Live as flexible as possible, so you can meet the needs of clients without compromising those deals or your compliance.

Those familiar, and even newbies, to Forms Live will notice there are a few different paths you can take once you start signing - enter the question, ‘which signing style will be most efficient for me and my client?’

This blog is here to assist you in answering that question, so, which category do you fall into?

  • The Sociable - those eager to catch up with clients face-to-face.
  • The Improviser -  those needing signatures from out-of-town clients.
  • The Lone Wolf - those whose signature is solely required.

The good news is it doesn’t matter which one you chose because Forms Live supports every preference and client scenario imaginable.

The Sociable will find our sign on-screen option perfect for electronic in-person signing, The Improviser will love the (free-to-use) DocuSign integration in-built within the platform, and The Lone Wolf will revel in the simplicity of the signature stamp.

Face-to-Face Meetings

There is an undeniable charm to having face-to-face meetings, right? Just picture Paul Rudd as the Real Estate Agent Peter Klaven in I Love you Man, it virtually ensures a fulfilling client experience.

It was a sign of the times watching all those once vital human interactions become less and less frequent in recent years - a change which greatly impacted real estate businesses across Australia.

We think it’s time to bring them back, and we’re betting there are a few of you reading who feel exactly the same way!

Before we get too hasty, let us reacquaint you with Forms Live’s sign on-screen.

Sign On-Screen

For the sales agents identifying as The Sociable, if there was a single feature capable of making the visit to (or by) homeowners run smoother and quicker it’s sign on-screen.

Invite sellers into the office (or any nominated location) and allow them to sign in-person through a process that remains fully electronic within Forms Live; Keeping their forms and signatures stored in one. secure. location.

The process can be as simple as the greeting. Once the signee has been established and the terms agreed, the client will be guided to the signature fields as highlighted in yellow, then prompted to scribble in their signature (a mouse, finger, or stylus are the easiest ways to do so), and they’ll be done.  

Sound like the signing option for you? Learn how you can sign on-screen from our help guide.

Signing Remotely

There will inevitably be roadblocks as you go about having forms signed, be it clients wrapped up in business trips, mediterranean cruises, or the unavoidable sick-days.

Naturally, sign on-screen isn’t always going to be a viable option, and even when it is, we’re living in a digital world so it’s not going to be everyone's preference.

eSigning with DocuSign

For The Improvisers, we talk about this feature a ton so if you haven’t heard about it we're assuming it’s because you’ve been living under a pile of actual paperwork!

The Forms Live platform has a free-to-use DocuSign subscription inbuilt, meaning no additional connections (nor payments) need to be made in order to use the eSigning technology. If preferred, pre-existing accounts can still be connected, learn more about making the connection on the help guide.

You’ll find the integration conveniently waiting within the Signing Tab beside the relevant form, proceed to input the client’s details and click send. Clients will receive an email, granting them access to view and digitally sign the form from anywhere and at any time.

So, when you find yourself needing to improvise due to those unexpected client scenarios, DocuSign ensures remote signing completed within mere minutes.

Get the complete rundown on this streamlining signing process from our help guide.

Solo Signing

There are plenty of forms which only require a single signature, and that’s most likely from those reading this very blog - Notable among them being the Notice of Rent Increase, Notification of Lessor's Intention Regarding Renewal of Lease, and Notice of Intention to Sell.

With the lack of additional parties, these signatures shouldn’t require a strenuous process; so save the ink, turn off the printer (and the copier too) and use Forms Live’s signature stamping.  

Signature Stamping

For starters, this signing style doesn’t require participation from clients, so it’s only relevant to those The Lone Wolves signing solo.

With a signature uploaded or scribbled into Forms Live (see here for more details), that signature can be dropped into the highlighted signature field on forms only requiring a solo signature - such forms can be identified by a stamp icon present on the Form’s List.

What it comes down to is a simple click of the signature field and a save. Handy, right? If you want to know more, visit our help guide.

So, let’s revisit the beginning of this little adventure and see which category you’ve fallen into.

Hopefully, with more knowledge around the signing options available, the style fit for you has been made obvious. Are you The Sociable? The Improvisor? or The Lone Wolf? (we won’t judge, we love them all!)

What are you waiting for? With your newfound signature style, jump onto the platform and commence your signing adventure.