Forms Live commits to Rental Tenancies Act Updates

Forms Live commits to Rental Tenancies Act Updates

Forms Live – Victoria’s most experienced provider of online digital forms to the real estate industry – has confirmed its property management forms and contracts have been updated and will be compliant with the changes to the Victorian Rental Tenancies Act that come into effect on Monday March 29.

The CEO of Forms Live, David Howell, said property management clients could be confident their paperwork would comply with the new legislation and be ready for them to use immediately.

“When our property manager clients wake up on Monday morning, all of their forms and contracts will have been updated to be compliant with the new legislation,” Mr Howell said.

“Clients will be able to see where the changes have been made through the use of an exclamation mark to flag the alterations inside existing drafts and templates in the Forms Live system. They’ll be able to read and check those alterations and accept them once they are ready to use the form.”

Forms Live uses the legal counsel of one of Victoria’s leading property lawyers.

The changes to the Victorian Residential Tenancy Act 1997 that come into effect on March 29 represent some of the most comprehensive changes to the legislation in decades. Key amongst the updates are the changes to the terms of ‘landlord’ and ‘tenant’ which under the new legislation become known as ‘rental providers’ and ‘renters’.

“This is a fundamental change that affects every single form or contract used by property managers and if you get it wrong, you are in breach of the new rules, so this is an extremely important issue for property managers to get right,” Mr Howell said.

Mr Howell said the beauty of the Forms Live system was that it was able to push system wide updates quickly, ensuring clients did not need to edit forms and contracts manually, or worry that they may have missed an important detail.

“Forms Live is a truly digital system that has live online forms which only become PDFs once they are ready for sending off and signing,” Mr Howell said.

“It means we’re able to execute updates quickly and integrate more easily with major property management and sales CRMs. 

The changes to the property management forms and contracts are just the latest in a string of updates and innovations from Forms Live including integration with connection service providers and full DocuSign integration.  

“Victorian agents and property managers deserve the same level of digital integration that agents in every other state and territory enjoy,” Mr Howell said.

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