5 resolutions you can achieve with us in 2022

If you are still scrambling to make some resolutions or even looking for tips and tools as to how you can actually achieve them this time around, this is the blog for you!

5 resolutions you can achieve with us in 2022

In attempts to better ourselves we make resolutions and promises every New Year's Eve, however, we make them knowing they are likely doomed to fail…well, that is unless you have the tools to achieve them.

If you are still scrambling to make some resolutions or even looking for tips and tools as to how you can actually achieve them this time around, this is the blog for you!

Here is what agents and managers can achieve with us in 2022…

1 . Attain a paperless office

A fantastic goal for the new year is to transition your office into a paperless one, free from hard copy forms and contracts. A good place to start? Forms Live. We provide over forty different real estate forms for Victorians, all digital. Additionally, this is a cloud-based platform, meaning the forms you are creating can be accessed from anywhere, they are also much harder to misplace - One of the many benefits digital forms hold over their physical counterparts.

Another benefit of the fully digital form and contract system, you won’t be chasing up the latest versions of forms. The forms available on Forms Live are updated immediately as changes are made to legislation, it’s all automatic so you won’t even need to lift a finger - I’d bet that’s a weight off your back!

2. Start working remotely or on the go

Let’s be real, COVID is preventing a lot of us from working in offices, that’s why it’s so important that we’re prepared to do our best work remotely. Thankfully, your Forms Live account can be accessed from any browser, at any time - As long as you’re using the same credentials, you can access all the forms and contracts you’ve created.

Even if COVID wasn’t a problem, being on the move and remote is a necessity for some agents. You can access Forms Live from your mobile phone’s browser and be updated on the status of a form, the signature status, as well as have access to our handy toolbox of integrations, such as SecureXchange - After all, why should you need to be restricted to your desk to reap the benefits of Forms Live.

3. Improve signature turnaround

When dealing with digital forms obtaining signatures is guaranteed to be far easier and far quicker. Signatures can be sent, signed, and returned to agents in a day's work, it’s just that simple!

With DocuSign, the days of mailing forms and waiting for the signee to receive, sign, and mail them back are long gone - It was only taking time away from you. Improve your signature turnaround this year by emailing signature requests and allowing clients to sign forms electronically, using DocuSign!

4. Spend less time on forms and contracts

The paperwork side of the job can be a real chore and a goal for 2022 might be to lessen that workload, making your life that little bit easier. Forms Live has a neat trick of getting around doing all that paperwork, that trick being templates. Yes, you’ll still have to fill out a few forms, however, you’ll only need to do it once, then boom, you can reuse that template to generate a form with all the information you filled out and stored within.

You’ll be flying through forms like never before! Plus, you won’t be running out of steam as a result of having to fill out the same form and information time and time again.

5. Solidify a reliable reputation

A respectable goal for an agent or manager going into the new year might be solidifying their reputation as reliable, efficient, and as someone who goes the extra mile. Forms Live has plenty of tools to help achieve this.

With utility connections, you can offer all tenants assistance with utilities for their big move, proposing the services of a utility provider (Of your choice!) so they aren’t unprepared. We also have SecureXchange on hand, with which you can request deposits from clients in an easier and safer way. With Forms Live, going that extra mile will be simpler than ever - Start painting a more reliable and trustworthy image for yourself this year.

If you’re looking to make some big changes in 2022 and smash some goals, Forms Live has your back! All our tools and services are here to help you do your best work.

Ensure this year is the one you finally make good on all those resolutions, and then some, best of luck in 2022!