Common Questions, Mistakes, and Misconceptions About Forms Live

With input from our reliable support team, we have put together a list of the most common questions, mistakes, and misconceptions that are put forward by potential and current subscribers alike.

Common Questions, Mistakes, and Misconceptions About Forms Live

At the end of the day, you could be a Forms Live veteran or a complete novice to the platform, we all make mistakes and we all have questions when we encounter unfamiliar or new features.

With input from our reliable support team, we have put together a list of the most common questions, mistakes, and misconceptions that are put forward by potential and current subscribers alike.

“Can I trial Forms Live before making a commitment?”

We have faith that once you get a taste of Forms Live you will be wanting more, so, at the moment we are offering a ten day free trial - Click here to sign up and experience the platform. You’ll have full access to our entire collection of Victorian forms, as well as Forms Live’s tools, features, and integrations.

Alternatively, you can learn more by arranging a meeting or a live demonstration of Forms Live with our Business Development Manager, Ben, from here.

The decision to change form systems to Forms Live is a big one, so see what we have to offer before committing to it!

“Can I download partially signed documents on Forms Live?”

So, you want to download a document before it has received signatures from all the required parties? Well, documents can only be downloaded once the entire signature process has been completed and all parties have signed.

Once the form’s status has reached Signed, click the dropdown for form options and find Download, continue to tick the documents you would like to download before finally clicking Print. For an in-depth guide, look here.

“Can I make edits to a finalised form?”

A common misconception amongst our subscribers is that forms can be edited after they have been finalised, however, a form’s finalisation is essentially a snapshot of the form at that point (This way the progression of a form can be monitored). All the details entered when finalised are set in stone for that version of the form…no need to fret though! The solution is duplicating the form.

A duplicated form is generated as a new version of the exact same form that’s not yet been finalised - All the details inputted into the original will follow into the duplicate form. Simply find the form in the Forms list and click the dropdown for form options, then, click Duplicate and give it a new name to replicate the form. You can find the guide to duplicating forms here.

“How do I add additional signature fields?”

Certain forms have the option to add annexures called Signable Blank Annexures which can be used as additional signature fields. These annexures will add new pages to the form and be included in the signature process - The signee will be prompted to sign these as with usual signature fields.

Within the form, find the More dropdown and click Annexures, the Signable Blank Annexures can be ticked and added from here - If you need assistance adding annexures, read this guide.

“Why is the date my document was signed issued incorrectly?”

A document might return from the DocuSign signature process with the ‘date signed’ being issued incorrectly - Such as the day prior or completely wrong. This issue can be traced back to external DocuSign licenses.

All documents signed with Forms Live licenses are automatically set to the correct region, meanwhile, external licenses might be set to a different date format or region. You can resolve this issue by making the necessary changes to the external DocuSign license, DocuSign has a guide to confirming and editing the date format, found here.

“Do I need to disconnect my DocuSign trial account?”

Many of our subscribers create DocuSign trial accounts and link those accounts, however, when the trial account expires the connection is forgotten - Leaving Forms Live linked to the expired trial account. This can prove problematic for the actual signature process because the invalid license will prevent you from using key DocuSign features - Such as remote signing.

You may be unaware that DocuSign is in-built and provided without subscription, therefore always connected, so you don’t necessarily need to link a DocuSign account at all. Check the Connections page and make sure any invalid licenses are disconnected so you can start making the most out of electronic signing, those forms aren’t gonna send themselves!

Learn how to connect/disconnect DocuSign from this guide.

If you have further questions or need clarification, turn to our help guide, otherwise, contact us at or call (08) 7009 4418.