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Eliminate the need for printing, signing, copying, scanning and filing paper forms. See how Forms Live will transform your business with our free demo!

Save Time With Forms Live

See how you’ll save time & money in under 60 seconds.

It's time to ditch the stacks of paper and go digital. We've got you covered with our online forms and contracts software—you don't need to download or upload anything! With Forms Live, our mission to help your business produce a more streamlined approach for your clients—all while cutting your admin time by 70%.

Forms Live has allowed my office to become paperless, with our staff working remotely with no trouble. We quite often sit with our clients and do forms while they’re with us, and Forms Live’s ease-of-use ensures that it all runs smoothly - so, if you want to save time and money, then you should seriously consider Forms Live!

Philip Middlemiss
Managing Director, Re-define Real Estate

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Let Forms Live help you improve your property management and sales through faster operations, better forms, and easier processes. Book your free demo to find out how Forms Live can work for you.

Build Intelligent Forms

Ditch the paperwork. Go digital.

We make it easy to transform your business with intuitive online forms. The speed with which documents are sent and the ease for clients to get them back to you is efficient workflow at it best.

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full forms suite
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More leads. Less time

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Increase sales in 5 minutes.

More steps mean more confusion for your clients—and more time for you to eat into their profits. Get rid of the administrative burden of creating and managing forms and contracts. Forms Live gives you an all-in-one platform that lets you focus on providing great service to your clients instead of creating forms and managing contracts.

Forms Live x Console Cloud

Forms Live has improved our business, increasing efficiency and reducing costs. Some people are amazed we can do everything on the spot and in real-time, and I love being able to sign on the screen. It’s those little 1-percenters that impress clients.

Real estate forms Victoria

Meet Victoria’s cloud based platform of choice for all your compliant forms.

Are you looking for a more streamlined approach to your real estate business? Say hello to Forms Live - an entire universe of forms that will streamline your real estate business.

Forms Live is the top cloud platform for real estate forms and contracts, developed specifically for the Victorian real estate market.

Being entirely cloud-based, Forms Live documents can be accessed anywhere via mobile or desktop and easily integrated with your existing CRM.

build better forms

Transform your business with online forms.

Made in Australia, Forms Live is a cloud-based platform for real estate professionals to manage the sales and rental forms and contracts for their business.

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property manager

Property Manager

Access forms and contracts for residential and commercial selling and leasing Victorian clients.


Real Estate Agent

Find all the real estate agent forms you need for buying and selling property across Victoria.

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Property Management Partners logo

Property Management Partners offers the comprehensive capabilities and deep industry knowledge necessary to help you solve the most complex issues of your organisation. The team at PMP have advised, assisted and eased the stress of countless clients. Their energy, professionalism and dedication, teamed with their friendly and easy-going nature, has secured many long-term working relationships - and we are proud to be a official partner of the Property Management Partners team.

Integrate with your CRM of choice

Powerful forms. Seamless integrations.

Our forms and your data, connected. Save time and money with our seamless CRM integration with all your documents stored in one secure place. Don’t see your CRM?* In just a few clicks, we can have you up and running with your preferred tools. The possibilities for integration are truly endless.

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*email to discuss the integration process.

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