More than 2 million forms downloaded since Coronavirus lockdown

More than 2 million forms downloaded since Coronavirus lockdown
  • Busiest period ever across Forms Live system nationally
  • Over 2 million forms downloaded
  • DocuSign activity up 100%

The forced changes upon real estate made necessary by the Covid-19 lockdowns led to the unprecedented adoption of digital forms and contracts with more than two million forms created nationally over the past two months.

Digital forms and contracts were first introduced in 2012 and it had taken eight years to achieve 24 million forms and contracts. But the lockdown period that changed open for inspections and live auctions temporarily, and requirements for agents and property managers to work from home forced agents to embrace digital workflows. 

Over the past 12 months we’d seen increased velocity on the platforms as forms and contracts became integrated with more CRMs and property management systems.

The stay-in-place policies of Covid-19 and the extraordinary need for agents and property managers to find new ways to work digitally has sped it up exponentially. The Forms Live system nationally created it’s 26 millionth form late last week. 

Property managers have led the charge with tens of thousands of forms and contracts being sent out to tenants and landlords to manage Covid-19 concerns and inform tenants about issues including new processes for routine inspections, repairs and maintenance and onboarding. 

DocuSign activity has also doubled with transactions and signed contracts through the system. 

It goes to show that the technology isn’t hard to adopt and we hope that agents stick with these efficiencies even after all this is over. It’s hard to imagine why you’d want to go back to fill in a form manually.